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Employee Appreciation

Each year, we celebrate our dental assistants, patient care coordinators, office manager, insurance coordinator, lab technicians and dentists with a special event and gifts in honor of Administrative Assistants’ day (April 25th). National Administrative Professionals’ Day is observed on the Wednesday of the last full week in April of each year. It is a day […]

Velscope Advanced Oral Cancer Screening Special

With Velscope advanced oral cancer screening, our dentists and hygienists can visualize dysplastic cells before they become cancerous. This is the key to helping us save many lives. By having your Velscope exam every year, we can catch problems early, because once a lesion is visible to the naked eye, it is potentially already malignant. […]

Tips to Maintain Your Bright White Smile 

If you have recently whitened your teeth and are looking for ways to keep your teeth bright and white, there are a few easy steps you can take to keep stains at bay. Avoid Staining Food and Drinks One of the most important things you can do to prevent tooth discoloration is to avoid eating […]