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The Healthcare Provider That I Am

by Paola Fonseca During the nine years that I have been a registered dental hygienist, I have been called many different titles by patients, perhaps unaware of what I really do. Some patients have called me an “assistant”, a “nurse” or even a “doctor”. Knowing that some patients and the general public lack a precise idea […]

Are Silver Fillings Safe?

Hi, I’m Dr. Arthur Yam of Herald Square Dental in Midtown Manhattan. A question I am often asked is “Are silver fillings safe?” People are becoming more and more careful about what they put into their bodies, so this is a great question! Silver fillings are made up of an amalgam of metals including silver, […]

Common Dental Implant Myths

Insecure about a missing tooth? Don’t be. With dental implants (link), you can get your smile back to looking perfect. For many, dental implants provide the feeling of having their natural teeth back again. This is because instead of being a removable type of device, such as a dental flipper, dental implants are permanently embedded […]