Keeping a bright and confident smile with you at all times is the result of good dental hygiene. Obviously, your smile can already tell you if you have healthy teeth and gums. But what if you lose all of your teeth? What will happen next? Here are three devastating effects of losing all your teeth:

#1 Bad aesthetic appearance

Obviously, it’s the first thing everyone will notice. Your appearance will significantly affect what you feel socially and psychologically. Not only do you create gaps in your mouth but losing teeth may also affect your facial aesthetic structure as a whole.

#2 Health

A certain study consisting of 367 denture wearers have shown that 47% of these all have low chewing performance. It also noticed that there are lower fruits and vegetable intake. So, lower consumption of fiber foods can lead to intestinal or stomach problems, especially for patients who already lost their teeth and are experiencing deficit chewing performance. This only concludes that if the dental functions are compromised, our overall health may be compromised because of poor swallowing habits.

#3 Loss of confidence

Tooth loss actually affects confidence and may even cause some slight anxiety. Though complete denture can provide the satisfaction on patient’s needs, most of them are quite affected how their social life become. They are worried about how they will deal with their intimate situations particularly when their new partner doesn’t know about their oral handicap.

As a matter of fact, there’s a previous dental survey which demonstrates that about 80% of the entire population (with no teeth) can wear both lower and upper dentures every time. They seldom leave their comfort zone. And once they feel they are being forced to go out, not wearing their teeth while meeting and speaking to different individuals, they may feel uncomfortable.

The teeth are obviously an important part of our physical appearance. There is no doubt that crooked, oddly shaped, stained teeth and total tooth loss can affect our overall well-being in dealing with other people.

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