Mini Dental Implants in New York NY

When trying to determine which dental procedure is right for you, things could get a bit confusing. Maybe you lost one tooth, or several, and you need to fully understand your NYC dental implant options…

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What is the difference between regular or conventional dental implants and mini dental implants?

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Sometimes, one of our expert NYC implants dentists may recommend a zest implant, which is narrower in diameter than a full implant, and has a patented pivoting technology.

A mini dental implant, commonly referred to as a MDI, is made from the same medical grade titanium as traditional dental implants. MDIs are smaller and narrower in size. Their small size makes them the ideal way to replace smaller teeth or fill in tight gaps. MDIs can also be used to secure a bridge or dentures. MDIs are also a great alternative to traditional dental implants, especially when a patient is not a candidate for traditional dental implants.

Despite being smaller in size, mini dental implants are not considered less durable.

While traditional dental implants and mini dental implants are made from the same material, MDIs are often a more affordable option. MDIs are smaller and easier to place, leading to the reduced pricing. 

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What if I have been told that I am not a candidate for conventional implants?

Even those patients that have been told that conventional implants were not an option can get excellent high performing results from mini-implants. For example: a patient who did not have sufficient bone thickness to accept a couple of large implants to anchor a full denture can get a structurally superior solution by distributing the load evenly among 4-6 mini-implants or zest implants. This leads to a less invasive, lower costing implant that requires less healing time and no need for additional bone grafting.

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