Finding out that you have bad breath can be a rude awakening in the morning or after you enjoy a hearty meal can be quite eye-opening, but usually, a simple two-minute brush and floss can get rid of the scent and you can go on with your day. Unfortunately, not everybody can eliminate bad breath as easily. Below, your dentist in NYC discusses how serious halitosis can be and what it can do to your teeth.

We’re all familiar with a bout of bad breath, usually in the morning or after a meal with pungent foods like onions and garlic. There are other ways that a person can suffer from bad breath, like a continuous poor diet combined with improper care of your teeth or participating in bad habits like smoking cigarettes and other types of tobacco use. These are not only circumstances that can cause bad breath, but your teeth are at risk, as well. They can become discolored, sensitive, receive cavities, and more.

The main reason that a person can experience bad breath is due to the bacteria that sticks around on the far back of your tongue. When you brush your teeth, many people tend to ignore brushing the very back of their tongue, whether it’s because they forget to or because it tends to make them uncomfortable and trigger their gag reflex. Here are some simple steps that we believe can help protect you from dealing with halitosis:

  • Tongue scraper: if you’re uncomfortable using a toothbrush to clean off the back of your tongue, look into specific cleaners/scrapers that you can use to reach back and clean off lingering bacteria.
  • Specific mouthwash: there are mouthwashes that are available to purchase that are solely made to battle chronic bad breath.
  • Talk to your dentist: we’re here to help! If you feel like you’ve tried it all, don’t hesitate to ask us what you can do, or what we can do.

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