At Herald Square Dental, we love to help you smile again. One of the top ways we achieve this is by providing dental implants in New York NY to patients with missing teeth, at a VERY affordable rate. And while you can browse the pages of our site for several long-form pieces of information regarding implants, the procedure and process, recovery and more- we wanted to keep it light today for the readers looking for a quick glimpse into this treatment.

Below you will find 3 quick and helpful dental implant facts that will help you further in your consideration of this treatment. Contact Herald Square Dental to schedule your FREE consultation today by clicking here!

Look and Feel Natural

When comparing natural teeth and dental implants, most people, even skilled dentists, might not be able to tell the difference! Part of what makes dental implants such a great choice for replacing missing teeth is not only this characteristic but the fact that they FEEL natural too. Regain some sensation from eating, speaking and more thanks to the rooted implant, compared to an alternative solution like a bridge.

High Success Rate

At Herald Square Dental, we take the time to make sure the placement of the implant will be as successful as it can be beforehand, and will take all steps needed to ensure this. If the health of the patient’s jaw is great and the implant is taken care of before and after, implants can have a 95% success rate and last years and years longer than any other appliance used to fill the gap of missing teeth.

They Protect the Rest of Your Smile

Having missing teeth can be harmful to the rest of your teeth. Surrounding teeth can shift, your speech can suffer, and your bite can begin to be painful too. Implants help resolve all of these issues, plus they stand alone as a replacement method. When seeking other forms, such as a bridge, surrounding teeth may need to be adapted for the appliance to work- when that is simply not the case when it comes to dental implants.

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