Patient Review By Theresa F

I went in very apprehensive and in a lot of pain. I was pleasantly surprised at the quaint atmosphere of the facility. From the moment I stepped inside, I was treated kindly and with respect. My wait time wasn't long at all. The dental assistant was extremely helpful and sweet to me as she sensed the pain I was in. She completed my x-rays and before i knew Dr. Song was in the room talking to me. I absolutely appreciate his kind and gentle nature and was quickly put at ease. He explained everything that would happen from there on. My follow up visit went just as smoothly. I needed an extraction and was a bit nervous but with his dental assistant holding my hand throughout the process it made it easier. The extraction didn't take long at all either which was FANTASTIC!! I left the office smiling, yes smiling!! I was no longer in pain and the great thing was I also received a follow up call to see how I was doing the day after. I was a bit swollen but doing great and was able to return to work the next day. I want to thank the doctor and his staff for being so professional, caring and dedicated with their work. You can truly feel the warmth from the moment you step in. I would like to continue being under his care, however my new insurance is not accepted there. I hope to find someone who is just as kind and caring about my oral health as Dr. Song is.

- Theresa F

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