Patient Review By frank L

(NOTE:This was my comments on YELP) I say Run don't Walk to Herald Square Dental. I had major dental work done here and then dentures made. I had to have all but 2 of my teeth extracted as they couldn't be saved. Dr. Song, who did the extractions, was amazingly kind, gentle and understanding. Even on days where I had 4 teeth extracted at one time, I went home with no pain nor bleeding and my gums healed rapidly. Then it came time to see Dr. Pasch, who creates the dentures. This man is a saint, really! He was also so kind and compassionate and seemed truly dedicated to helping me have a smile again. He really makes you feel confidant during the process of molding, fabricating and fittting the dentures, which by the way, and here's the best thing about them, I had my dentures the same day. YES! I didn't have to make multiple visits for each procedure as most other dentists do, and they don't charge for this same day service. And my dentures fitted perfectly the first time. Everything is done on the premises. The entire staff seems to embrace the atmosphere of kindness and courtesy that the doctors themselves give to you. The office is modern, very clean, conveniently located in midtown west and truly, in all my visits, I never waited more than 15 minutes to see the doctor. To find a place like this in Manhattan is like an oasis in the desert. I actullay looked forward to my visits. Really, I can't praise them enough. Find out for yourselves.

- frank L

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