Helping patients establish or improve upon their at-home oral health regimen is part of a days work for your top provider of dental implants in New York NY. For most patients, we will recommend daily flossing, twice daily brushing and to some capacity: the usage of mouthwash. Although mouthwash is not as essential as the earlier two behaviors and items- adding it to your regimen can indeed be useful.

Mouthwash can not only help freshen you breath up after a meal or a smoke, but it can also help eliminate oral bacteria that can cause gum disease or damage to your dental implants, reduce your risk for tooth decay, eliminate tartar and help whiten your teeth too!

But with all of these benefits- often come many questions. Some examples include: What mouthwash is best for me? What ingredients in mouthwash should I be looking for? How long should I be swishing my mouthwash around? And last, but not least- can mouthwash even benefit my situation?

While answers to most of these questions will vary, patient by patient, we did find a resource online that helps answer some of the universal ones quite well: Click Here.

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