Herald Square Dental & The Denture Center + The Smilist

Dear Friends and Patients,

Herald Square Dental is very proud to have joined The Smilist Dental, a highly-respected dental management organization. Given the changes occurring in the healthcare industry, this is a welcome and timely partnership. The Smilist benefits patients by assuming many of the time-consuming administrative tasks required in operating a successful dental practice, such as navigating the insurance process and helping to contain the costs of care.

This partnership allows our in-house team to focus on the excellent patient care and quality dentistry you have come to know and expect at Herald Square Dental and The Denture Center. Our renowned dentists continue to practice with warmth and caring in addition to the quality, precision care that is our hallmark. We appreciate your trust and confidence as you continue to rely on us for all aspects of your dental care.

The practice continues to participate with the same insurance plans, and as always, we are dedicated to providing the best treatment available for the most reasonable fees possible.

Our address and phone number, Herald Square Dental Phone Number (212) 689-0024, remains the same. You will notice The Smilist on your caller ID, appointment texts, communications, correspondence, and statements.

Ultimately, our goal continues to be, to help you create and maintain a beautiful natural looking smile, which is crucial to your health, appearance and self image. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Most Sincerely,

Drs. Ian Pasch, Arthur Yam, Alfred Shirzadnia and our Herald Square Dental Team

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