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At Herald Square Dental, excellence in dentistry means that you have the best possible outcome in an affordable and comfortable way. We combine cutting edge technology with a relaxed environment to ensure great all-around dental care. From the moment you walk in our doors, we will make you feel at home while we help you achieve your greatest smile ever.

We know a confident smile translates to a confident person in today’s fast paced world. We are proud to have a variety of the latest tools and premium materials to help you maximize your smiling potential. Our New York dentists, Dr. Ian D. Pasch, Dr. Arthur Yam, Dr. Alfred Shirzadnia and Dr. Siyeon Kim, have perfected the art of crafting dental crowns and placing them with precision, designing dentures, performing root canals, and more. Without a doubt, our compassionate and skilled team will customize your oral care in order to send you on your way with a happy, healthy smile.

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