Gingivitis Prevention In Midtown Manhattan

Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention Of Gum Disease In NYC

What is gingivitis and how to prevent it? | Gingivitis is a preventable, common type of gum disease that causes inflammation due to buildup of bacteria - or plaque - on teeth and gums. Without treatment, gingivitis progresses to periodontitis - a severe form of gum disease that can lead to tooth loss and other health problems. | Signs of gingivitis: receding gums, bleeding gums after brushing, red and puffy gums, tooth or gum pain, bad breath | Treatment: evaluation by dental professional; Professional dental cleaning, including scaling and root planing; Good home hygiene, which includes - brush at least twice per day, clean between teeth daily with floss, pick, or water flosser, stop smoking, limit sugar and sugary drinks, rinse with mild mouthwash; How long before gingivitis clears up after treatment: 10 to 14 days | Signs of periodontal disease: inflammation, plaque, tartar, deepening pocket between tooth and gum, tooth loss | Number of Americans who suffer from periodontitis: nearly 50% of Americans age 30+ and 70% of Americans age 65+, 56% of adult men, 38% of adult women, 64% of smokers, 65% of those living below the federal poverty level

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