Creative Financing Options for Dental Work

Putting off dental work because you’re worried about the cost is never a good idea. If you don’t address a minor dental issue now, it will become a major dental problem later. At Herald Square Dental, we never want your oral health to suffer because of financial concerns.

Free Initial Consultations

The first step toward getting the dental care you need and deserve is an appointment with one of our dentists.

Whether you are considering complete dental restoration or a single tooth extraction, the initial consultation is at no cost to you. If you’re worried that a consultation could carry a steep price tag, you’ll be happy to learn that we do not charge anyone for a consultation.

Maximizing Your Insurance Coverage

Whether your dental work is covered by dental insurance or medical coverage, navigating the paperwork and understanding your coverage limits can be confusing. If you are unsure whether your procedure is covered, please call to discuss your concerns. Our knowledgeable staff works with insurance companies daily to maximize coverage and ensure you get all the benefits you deserve.

CareCredit & Credit Cards

CareCredit offers low- and no-interest financing for your dental work. We have partnered with CareCredit to ensure all our patients can get their dental work now and pay over time and on budget. If you are interested in CareCredit, please call our office staff with any questions. They can help you apply for CareCredit financing and work closely with the company to increase your chance of approval. We can even help you fill out the application right here in our office! In some cases, you can get same-day approval. We also accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express for all dental procedures.


As we grow older, we are more likely to develop dental problems. For many of our patients on limited incomes, dental issues pop up just as they tighten their belts. We don’t want to prevent them from finding relief, so we offer discounts for some of our most popular procedures.

Senior Citizen Discount on New Dentures and Crowns*

$100 OFF each new denture and $50 OFF of each permanent crown.

*Some restrictions may apply. Offer expires 06/30/2024

Preventive Care is Cheaper than Dental Restoration

Although it is tempting to put off dental work in hopes you will have more money later, doing so will cost you more in the long run. Most dental problems progress rapidly, and an unfilled cavity now could lead to a tooth extraction later. In turn, you will need a dental implant, denture, or bridge to replace your missing tooth or teeth. Taking care of your teeth and maintaining a healthy mouth is more affordable than fixing problems after they occur.

Prices rarely go down for any medical procedures. Although we strive to keep our costs reasonable, we have no control over price increases for dental supplies, and we never know when the cost of supplies will jump. Getting your dentures or dental implants now instead of later allows you to take advantage of current pricing.

Have You Waited Too Long? Don’t Fret!

Our goal at Herald Square is to ensure every individual can enjoy a full set of healthy teeth whenever possible. Delaying could cost you even more if you ignore your dental health issues. If you’ve waited too long and your teeth need repairing or replacement, we will work with you on financing so you can get the treatment you need on a budget you can afford.

Call our office to schedule an initial consultation and learn more about our affordable financing options.

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