Best Prices on Dental Implants in New York City

Customized Costs for Customized Treatment Plans

Every patient’s oral health and bone structure is unique, so at Herald Square Dental, we customize dental implant treatments accordingly. This means the cost varies as per the needs of each patient. And in-person examinations in our NYC office help us determine those needs and the number of procedures necessary to set your implants in place and ensure excellent results.

If you’ve received a low quote without being seen by a dentist, beware. Just as dentistry can’t happen over the phone, neither can accurate dental implant pricing.

Dental Implant Price Factors

Dental implants appear expensive at first. But when considering the way in which dental implants outlast traditional tooth replacement approaches by two to three times and improve the quality of your life in ways those methods can’t, they are usually the better investment over time.

We calculate the total cost by taking into consideration the number of teeth that need to be replaced and where each is located, the number and type of implants we’ll use, and any other procedures that may need to accompany your implant treatment, such as a bone graft or APRF.

The best way for us to determine your needs and customize a treatment plan is for you to come in for an evaluation with one of our expert implant dentists. This will ensure you receive the impeccable care that they provide.

There is no cookie cutter approach to placing implants or to determining the cost involved.

Dental Insurance Nuances

It is becoming more common for insurance companies to provide implant coverage as they recognize the long-term benefits of implant teeth as compared to teeth replacement alternatives. If your insurance company does not provide implant coverage, they may offer an allowance that is comparable to the cost of dentures or bridges. We’ll help you navigate your policy and present you with the financing plans we offer. We’ll do everything we can to make dental implants affordable for you.

The Cost of Teeth Replacement Alternatives

When deciding between dental implants and alternative tooth replacement methods, the upfront cost of the alternative options, such as bridges and dentures, seem much less expensive. But when you consider the longevity, convenience, jaw health benefits, and social advantages of implants, they are clearly the cost-effective, higher-value choice. Contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our dentists today.

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