Flipper Teeth: What You Need to Know

Perhaps you’ve heard of flipper teeth because you watched an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras, where young beauty contestants sometimes wore flipper teeth to enhance their smiles. This gave flipper teeth a bad reputation with some people. It’s unfortunate because flipper teeth are an excellent temporary solution, particularly if a tooth is knocked out or you are undergoing dental work requiring a lengthy healing period.

Here’s all you need to know about flipper teeth (flippers) and their many benefits:

Flippers are a Safe Temporary Solution for Missing Teeth

When you can’t have a tooth restored immediately because time is needed for healing, flippers work like a partial plate to fill in the gap in your smile. Flippers are safe and effective because they do not interfere with restoration work and can easily be removed when unnecessary. Flipper teeth also stabilize the adjacent teeth, preventing shifting.

Flippers Make Eating & Speaking Easier

Even one missing tooth can be a problem when trying to eat. When you have one or two missing front teeth, it can be more difficult. Flippers allow you to bite into foods, chew properly, and drink comfortably. You don’t have to worry about food falling out of your mouth, and you can speak more clearly, without the lisping and whistling associated with missing front teeth.

Flippers are Inexpensive

Flippers are the most affordable temporary tooth replacement option because they are made of acrylic and designed to replace one or two missing teeth, usually in the front of the mouth. If you are already spending money on a permanent solution for missing teeth, a flipper is a great way to achieve a healthy smile while waiting without spending much money. If you cannot afford a permanent restoration, flipper teeth provide an inexpensive solution until you have the time and funds for a more permanent repair.

Flippers are Easy-Care

Temporary restorations can be cumbersome and difficult to care for, but flippers are easy to remove and clean. You remove it each time you brush your teeth and clean it with a soft toothbrush and a denture paste. When you’re asleep, soak the flipper in water to keep it from drying out and warping or cracking. Twice a week, soak the flipper in a denture solution to keep it fresh.

Missing front teeth don’t have to limit you while waiting for permanent restorations such as implants or a partial plate. At our Manhattan dental office, we create flipper teeth in just a few hours so that you can walk out with a complete smile.

Flip The Switch On Your Missing Teeth!

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