Implant Supported Overdentures VS Permanent Dentures

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Choosing the right implant solution for missing teeth can be overwhelming. There are lots of options available, and the terminology is sometimes confusing. If you are missing all or most of your teeth, we may suggest implant supported overdentures or permanent dentures. Both of these options use dental implants to support a form of modified denture rather than individual crowns to replace missing teeth. However, there are some differences you may wish to understand in order to choose the right option for your needs.

Implant Overdentures

An overdenture sits on top of some type of supporting structure. Implant overdentures are supported by dental implants permanently placed in the jawbone. They feature prosthetics mimicking gum tissue and teeth and fit over your natural gums when attached to the implants. The overdenture fastens to the implants using dental attachments.

Typically 4 implants are needed for dentures in the lower jaw, occasionally as little as 2 are used. Implant dentures in the upper jaw occasionally require more to ensure stability. Then the implants provide support for the overdenture attachments.

Overdentures function much like natural teeth. They do not rub or slip and they will not pop out unexpectedly as some dentures might. Like traditional dentures, you remove implant overdentures for cleaning. To ensure good oral hygiene, you should remove your overdentures to clean your gums, the abutments and the denture.

Regular visits to our hygienist to perform routine dental implant cleanings and perform an advanced oral cancer screening annually are recommended to maintain your oral health.

Permanent Dentures

Permanent implant dentures, or fixed dentures, resemble implant overdentures. They have the same structure, including artificial gum tissue and prosthetic teeth, but once a permanent denture is in place, it cannot be removed except by a dental professional. Permanent dentures feel even more natural and do not slip or shift at all.

Most patients will need six to eight implants in either the upper and 4-6 on the lower jawbone to ensure sufficient support for permanent dentures. Despite the fact that Dr Yam is specifically trained in the procedure to administer an all on four permanent solution, it is very important to understand that using too few dental implants to support a full arch permanent denture can increase to risk of the restoration failing.

The quality of the bone is a consideration, and bone grafts to strengthen the jawbone before getting permanent dentures are commonly done here in house as needed. Bone graphs and APRF are procedures that are administered regularly by our renown implants dentists, Dr. Arthur Yam and Dr. Alfred Shirzadnia, at Herald Square Dental in NYC.

Permanent dentures do not require removal or special cleaning routines. Instead, you brush and floss them like your natural teeth. It is essential to also have a dental cleaning every six months, including a checkup to make sure your permanent dentures are performing correctly as well as to have an annual advanced oral cancer screening.

Advantages of Implant Support Overdentures and Permanent Dentures

Whether you choose an implant supported overdenture or permanent dentures, you will discover several advantages over more traditional dentures with regard to quality of life, including:

  • A better fit than traditional dentures
  • No sore spots or rubbing against the gums
  • More natural feel, particularly on the roof of the mouth, which is not covered by implant supported overdentures or permanent dentures.
  • Better bite force for chewing correctly
  • Better digestion overall as a result
  • Eating the foods you love is possible again because they are secured in place
  • Permanent dentures are easy-care
  • Both types of Implant dentures look and feel like natural teeth.
  • Speaking clearly with ease
  • Laughing and smiling with confidence again
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