Here at Herald Square Dental, we’re committed to giving each and every patient a brand new and successful smile. Thankfully, we’re able to do so with our experience and skills with dental implants in New York NY. With the help of our on-site laboratory, we’re able to restore your smile and give it the shimmer and shine that it deserves. Below, we’ll learn more about implant-retained dentures and what they can do for a patient who’s missing one or multiple teeth.

Dentures are an incredibly important factor for patients who are missing a majority or all of our teeth. Most patients find it easy and comfortable to wear upper dentures, but some have found it quite difficult to wear lower dentures. It can be tough to eat and even talk for people who wear lower dentures since they become loose and uncomfortable.

With the help of implant-supported dentures, patients can have a smile that they’re happy with and teeth that won’t shift or move while they eat and talk. If you don’t replace your missing teeth with dentures, your facial structure may begin to change since your teeth aren’t there to retain the shape. Patients with a large number of missing teeth will start to appear with a sunken, sagging face because there is no support.

There are three different options for implant-retained dentures if a patient is missing all of their lower teeth:

  • Bar attachment dentures: This option involves surgically placing four to six implants into the root area (depending on the support structure of your jaw) and connecting the implants with a custom-made support bar after the healing is complete. This option is much more stable and allows very little movement, but is easily removable to clean and maintain.
  • Ball attachment dentures: With this option, your oral surgeon will place two implants in your lower jaw and a denture will be created that will snap onto these implants. There can still be some movement and food particles can get stuck underneath the denture. You’ll need to regularly visit our office for denture adjustment due to the movement.
  • Screw-retained dentures: Our final option includes surgically placing five or more implants in the jaw and attaching a permanent denture. It’s held in place and, although it doesn’t touch the gum tissue, you’re still able to clean them without removing it. The only time these dentures will be removed is at your maintenance visits. For a permanent solution, this option is highly preferred by patients.

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