Save Your Health And Save Your Wealth

We can all be prone to cut corners now and then to save money, but we may be hesitant to do some of them because we also want to take good care of ourselves. We don’t want to give up our gym membership because we know exercise is good for us. We love the mental health boost we get from going out with friends but don’t like the cash crunch at the end of the month. Don’t fret! We’ve found some great ways to invest in health, wellness, and positive lifestyle changes that can save you money!

Change How You Socialize

Invest in your mental health without overindulging in late nights at clubs. You’ll be amazed at how much fun you can have at home when you invite your friends over to cook together, mix up a pitcher of your favorite cocktails, and play some grown-up board games. Think “Loaded Questions” or “Cards Against Humanity.”

Learn to Cook

Try one new recipe each week and start shopping for the ingredients with your roommate or partner. While stocking up on spices may cost a bit more initially, you’ll soon discover that the same primary five or six herbs and spices are used in most dishes. Fresh ingredients are less expensive than frozen meals or prepared dinners. You’ll end up healthier and may even lose some weight.

Walk More

Walk to the bus stop, walk to the coffee shop, walk up the stairs instead of taking the escalator or the elevator when possible or, walk to work if you can. Walking more and driving less to save wear and tear on your car, whenever you can. You’ll get more exercise with these activities of daily living, improve your health, and save money on gasoline and vehicle repairs. You’ll discover you feel better, too. Studies show walking enhances your mood and helps you sleep better.

Switch to Water

This seems so simple, but you will be amazed by how different you feel if you switch from cola, tea, and coffee to water. Drinking lots of plain water hydrates you more effectively and can, over a year, save you hundreds of dollars. Consider how expensive a single coffee or cola is at the local shop, then multiply it by how many you drink a week. Now subtract all that caffeine and sugar! Your blood sugar will be more stable, you will be slimmer, and your wallet will be fatter by the end of the year.

Kick the Habit

Are you still smoking? If you smoke a pack of cigarettes daily, you’re spending over $2,000 yearly, closer to $3,000 in larger cities. You’re also investing in COPD, yellowed teeth, bad breath, and the possibility of lung cancer, bladder cancer, etc.. If you can stop smoking, you’ll be healthier and wealthier and save money down the road on dental care and treating respiratory infections and bouts of bronchitis for sure.

Get a Pet

Visit a local shelter and adopt a pet if you have the time and energy. Whether a dog or cat, a pet has numerous health benefits. Caring for a pet boosts serotonin levels for improved mental health, inspires you to get out of bed on the weekends and out of the house during the week if you work from home, in order to care for them. Playtime and long walks with a dog gives you plenty of reasons to smile. Studies consistently show that people with pets tend to be happier and healthier.

Focus on Preventive Healthcare

Many of us don’t go to the doctor or dentist until we’re sick or in pain. Although you should certainly do so, seeing the doctor and your dentist regularly before you get sick is less expensive. Regular “well visits” keep you healthy and allow healthcare professionals to catch problems before you experience any symptoms so minor issues can be treated before they become big expensive ones. A twice-yearly dental checkup and professional dental cleaning is an inexpensive investment in a beautiful smile that will preserve your teeth and save you from much more expensive dental costs down the road.

Empower Yourself To Achieve Optimal Health!

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