What Is the Average Cost of Full-Mouth Dental Implants?

The upfront cost of a full-arch restoration seems to have a hefty price tag when compared to other teeth replacement options, but when you take into consideration the longevity of implants and the way in which they mimic natural teeth in both appearance and function, full-mouth dental implants are the most affordable choice.

Your Unique Case

Every patient is unique, so we customize each implant treatment plan accordingly. Factors that influence the cost include the number of implant teeth you need, the location of each implant, and the type of implants we use. Many of our patients require a bone graft and/or APRF which impacts the overall cost of implants as well.

How Many Dental Implants Will I Need?

The only way that we can truly customize your treatment plan is by having an oral exam with the advanced technology we use in our NYC office. At your consultation, our expert implant dentists will discuss your concerns and answer your questions.

We offer no garden-variety implant treatment plan at our Manhattan office. We tailor each detail to your case, so the final cost is customized as well.

What Procedures Will Be Needed Before Implant Placement?

Again, since there are many circumstances surrounding implant placement and every patient is different, there is no formula for what procedures need to be completed before your implant placement.

It’s not uncommon for the jaw to break down after a tooth goes missing, so a bone graft to build up your jaw and enable it to adequately support the new implant is sometimes required. Bone augmentation, socket preservation, sinus grafting, and ridge augmentation are just a few of the procedures we offer to ensure the best chances for permanent success.

Why Do I Need A Dental Implant Consultation?

Your dental implant consultation is your first essential step in order to provide successful implant dental care and accurate pricing. Our renown dental implant experts will gather X-rays, a CT scan and history in order to guide you to your optimal dental treatment plan and your most affordable dental implant care package. Unlike quoting a price for a porcelain crown or a veneer, this can not be done over the phone with any degree of accuracy.

Does Insurance Cover Full Mouth Dental Implants?

We are happy to report that insurance companies are beginning to understand the long-term value of implants and their longevity as opposed to bridges and dentures that need more upkeep. As a result, they are providing more implant coverage than ever before.

Our skilled and experience staff will help you navigate your dental benefits, and if we determine that your insurance coverage does not include implants, they may offer an allowance. We work with your insurance to maximize your benefits, offer a variety of financing plan options, and do everything within our power to make implants a viable option for you.

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