Why You Should Choose an Implant Dentist for Your Extractions New York City, New York

You’ve been told by your dentist that you need a tooth removed. And now you’re wondering where you should go to have the procedure done. We know that this decision can be overwhelming and even confusing. That’s why we offer you this guide – a list of things to consider when choosing a surgeon.

The Importance of an Implant Dentist

If you’re thinking: “I love my regular dentist. Why can’t my regular dentist perform my oral surgery?” The truth is, your dentist probably can, but here’s the thing. An implant dentist’s focus is oral surgery – all day, every day. Drs. Shirzadnia and Yam, our implant dentists at Herald Square Dental, NY, have undergone extensive and concentrated surgical training unique to oral surgery, and they have specialized equipment and materials close at hand. In fact, offices like ours, equipped with instrumentation specific to extractions and implant placement, allow Drs. Shirzadnia and Yam to perform procedures quickly, precisely and comfortably.

Socket Preservation, Manhattan, NY

An implant dentist should perform the extraction to determine if the site is suitable for an implant prior to extraction and to prepare the site properly so that it accepts the implant.

Additionally, an implant dentist evaluates smile and lip lines to ensure an optimal aesthetic result.

Extracting a tooth in a way that promotes healthy recovery and ensures a stabilized bone mass for a tooth replacement requires skill and proper techniques. At Herald Square Dental, our implant dentists know the value of socket preservation which helps to supplement existing bone and maintain structure of the ridge when a tooth is extracted. When it comes to removing teeth, Drs. Shirzadnia and Yam are experts in preserving as much bone as possible while adding bone replacement material to the extraction site to prevent collapse of the socket.

Benefits of Immediate Implant and Bone Graft Placement

When our NYC implant dentists place a dental implant on the same day as the extraction, advantages include:

  • Elimination of a second surgery 3 month after extraction.
  • Preservation of patient’s jawbone.
  • Allowance for just one post-surgery medication.

The Credentials Behind Our NYC Implantology

After Drs. Shirzadnia and Yam finished dental school, they went on to attain specialty training beyond the expertise of his dental credentials. Our NYC surgeons have undergone a series of rigorous requirements, proving they have achieved the highest level of competence when it comes to extracting teeth and placing implants.

  • Dr. Yam is a fellow in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, has earned a certificate from NYU’s Surgical Implant Program in 2009, has completed Imtec’s Mini Dental Implant Residency, and is a graduate of Pikos Institute in All on 4 Protocol.
  • Dr. Shirzadnia completed a fellowship in oral and maxillofacial surgery at Wyckoff Woodhull and Brooklyn Hospital and a two-year implant surgery fellowship in Wyckoff hospital. He has successfully placed and restored approximately 20,000 dental implants over the past twenty years.

The bottom-line? Choosing an implant dentist to remove your tooth is choosing the most qualified and highly trained surgeon. This will not only guarantee the best treatment possible but also ensure a peace of mind that you are truly in the hands of an expert.

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