How Fixed Denture Conversion Can Change Your Life

Dentures, including snap-in dentures, are a good solution to the problem of missing teeth, but they have drawbacks for some people. There are those folks that are emotionally upset that their teeth are removable and would relish the opportunity for something that feels more like a part of themselves, not removable but more like their own original natural teeth. If this sounds like you, a fixed denture conversion can improve your life in several ways.

Renewed Self-Confidence

Fixed denture conversion gives you the renewed confidence to truly enjoy life and interact with others. Without having to worry about whether your dentures look realistic, or if they might slip, you don’t have to fear embarrassment or awkward moments in conversations. You can eat any foods you like without cutting your food smaller or opting for softer foods. When you can eat what you want, say what you like, and feel confident in the attractiveness and permanence of your smile, the confidence you lost due to missing teeth or loose dentures can blossom again.

Feeling Whole

Taking your dentures in and out may remind you that you aren’t truly “whole.” Removable, snap-in dentures are wonderful in many ways but perhaps they make you feel older and less healthy. It is a daily reminder that part of you is missing and your teeth have not been permanently restored. After fixed denture conversion, your replacement teeth will function and feel even more like natural teeth. There are no more empty tooth sockets, no exposed gums when you brush or sleep, and no need for anyone to know your fixed, permanent dentures are not your natural teeth. A permanent solution to missing teeth is inspiring and confidence building. You should enjoy a genuine smile you’ll love to share with others.

Freedom from Hassles

Dentures, including snap-on dentures, are often removed at least three times a day- twice daily for cleaning and at night when sleeping. If you’ve ever had to travel with dentures or wondered when you should tell a new partner that you have to take out your teeth at night, you understand the anxiety of dentures. Fixed denture conversion will give you freedom from the extra steps for cleaning, the need to store them in water overnight, and perhaps the inconvenience of food getting caught between your gums and your snap-on dentures.

As a bonus, you get to wake up every morning ready to face the day and brush and clean your teeth like everyone else with a toothbrush and nonabrasive toothpaste and a waterpik if you wish.

With fixed denture conversion, permanent teeth restorations can be placed on your existing dental implants. Imagine traveling without worrying about losing your dentures or dating someone new and never having to have that awkward, “Um, I have dentures. Will it freak you out when I remove them at night?” conversation.

Confidence in Your Choice

With fixed denture conversion, you won’t have to stress about the cost versus the benefits. Because you don’t have to undergo additional implant surgery, you avoid an invasive procedure, save money, and get beautiful results in less time. While some people regret traditional or snap-in dentures, patients who undergo fixed denture conversion are typically thrilled with the results because they have permanent teeth and no longer have to worry about their dentures. These patients are confident they’ve received incredible value for their relatively small investment in upgrading to permanent, fixed dentures.

Feeling Good About Yourself

Self-confidence, less worry, and freedom from tedious routines can all help you feel better about yourself. Fixed denture conversion enables you to feel good about yourself because you know you’ve done all you can to protect your oral health, restore your smile, and improve your daily life. Taking care of yourself is one of the most important things you can do. Self-care boosts your feelings of well-being, making you the best version of yourself.

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