Manhattan NYC Move In Guide 2023

Moving to New York City in 2023 can seem like an overwhelming challenge. The city offers incredible opportunities, exciting cultural venues and nightlife, and countless neighborhoods where you can put down roots. However, finding a place to live in the right locale can be difficult if you’re unfamiliar with the city. To make the transition easier, we’ve put together some tips for making your Manhattan relocation go smoothly.

Schedule Lots of Time for Apartment Hunting

You won’t find the ideal apartment quickly. Demand is at an all-time high, and the population of New York City is currently experiencing a surge. According to a recent New York Times article, the population of Manhattan has risen 4% since 2018, leading to an apartment shortage. In response, rents have increased by 24% since 2021. Budget accordingly!

Manhattan has several neighborhoods experiencing record growth post-pandemic. The Upper West Side, East Village, and Gramercy all saw a population increase of 25% or more from November 2019 to October 2022. With so many people looking for apartments, the competition is fierce.

If you need time to search for a suitable apartment, consider looking for a reasonably priced sublet or a long-term Air BnB (30 days or more is the legal minimum in NYC) while you search. In 2023, stricter regulations around Air BnB apartments mean your interests are better protected, and you can feel confident if you use an Air BnB for a temporary nest. These options give you some wiggle room to find a great apartment without overpaying out of desperation.

Rethink How You Live

Manhattan offers unique opportunities to transform your lifestyle and make it fit your needs. You don’t have to worry about transportation – it’s always available. You do have to worry about accumulating too much stuff – storage is at a premium in most apartments. Consider these points when imagining how you’ll travel, shop, and live:

  • Public transportation is amazing in Manhattan. The subway, buses, and taxis are much easier than trying to drive. Walking and biking are also good bets. As a bonus, you no longer have to pay for a car, parking, or auto insurance.
  • Adjust your grocery shopping by stocking up on staples and making frequent, small trips to the local grocer for fresh items. Neighborhood bodegas are an excellent resource for last-minute needs.
  • Apartment storage is minimal, so keep only what you need and love. Minimalist décor and multi-use, mix-and-match wardrobe essentials are the New Yorker’s answer to dressing down and dressing up.
  • Take advantage of free cultural events in the city parks on the weekends to enjoy without breaking your budget. You will be amazed by the many arts and music festivals throughout the year with no cover charge.
  • Manhattan is chock-full of ways to save, including fabulous resale and consignment shops. Consider purchasing gently used furniture and clothing; retro is cool these days, so you will be on-trend while staying within your budget.

Look Into the Cultural Offerings

Being close to work is essential, but don’t neglect your personal life when apartment shopping in NYC. Manhattan has the theater district, sports, opera, Carnegie Hall, fabulous restaurants and bars, the Village, Times Square, and local galleries and shops. If you find an apartment in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or our other outer boroughs, you can take advantage of the unique cultural immersion New York City offers. Be sure to spend your first months exploring NYC! Venture outside your immediate neighborhood and find the hidden gems. Living in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, or Staten Island, should not mean always staying within a 10-block radius of your apartment. Hop on the subway or bus, take a taxi, or take a leisurely stroll to explore everything Manhattan offers.

Consider Your Health

Taking care of yourself is part of enjoying your life in the city. People who live in NYC and work in Manhattan try to live healthily. We walk a lot and take care of ourselves, but we are busy people. We have to squeeze our health care into hectic schedules. When comparing apartments and exploring the amenities, check out where doctors, dentists, gyms, and local stores to home and work are located. In the city that never sleeps, Herald Square Dental provides exceptional dental care with flexible hours and a convenient location right in the heart of Manhattan.

Look for Multicultural Services

New York City is a multicultural oasis. If you have moved here from another country or have a multicultural background– New York welcomes everyone! You hear languages from around the globe on every corner. Nowhere is this more evident than when you visit Herald Square Dental. We offer a complete range of dental services, including dental checkups and cleanings, cosmetic dental work, and dental implants. We have an on-site dental lab and dental care team members who speak English, Spanish, Thai, Polish, Russian, Farsi, Bulgarian, Latvian, Albanian, and Romanian!

Herald Square Cosmetic Dental Welcomes New Patients

New residents appreciate Herald Square Cosmetic Dental’s convenient location just across the street from Macy’s flagship store. We’re near Penn Station and the 8th Ave. and 6th Ave. subway stations and within easy walking distance of much of Manhattan.

Our staff of caring dental professionals welcomes new patients with warmth and understanding for an anxiety-free experience. We offer the personal care of a small-town dentist’s office backed by the latest technologies and innovative dental solutions.

  • We offer a new patient special – just $89 for a professional cleaning and checkup! Establishing a relationship with our office now can prevent dental health issues down the road.
  • Just a simple phone call and you have a new dentist, taking one thing off your relocation “to-do” list.
  • We warmly welcome New Yorkers, providing exceptional dental care for over 45 years.
  • We hold no judgments about previous dental care and are known for our gentle touch and gold-standard dentistry.
  • We provide the best routine preventative dental care possible, as well as restorativecosmetic, and orthodontic treatment.
  • We work with our patients to optimize insurance benefits and offer Care Credit financing options to qualified individuals.
  • Your care is administered in a timely and conscientious manner. Office hours and prompt service fit your busy NYC lifestyle.
  • We are dedicated to providing the best treatment for the most reasonable fees.
Call our Manhattan office to schedule an appointment and get to know your Manhattan dental care team. And welcome to Manhattan!
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