Immediate Tooth Replacement is Possible with Beautiful Results

Losing a tooth is traumatic. You are worried about how you look and whether you can eat properly, and you may be in pain. After oral surgery or tooth extraction, your next step should be immediate tooth replacement. At Herald Square Dental, we offer a complete line of replacement teeth options, including same day dentures and immediate dental implants.

How do you know which tooth replacement option is right for you? The first step is a complimentary consultation with Dr. Pasch, Dr. Yam or Dr. Shirzadnia. We give you a no-obligation consultation to explore all options for immediate tooth replacement and help you choose the right kind of replacement teeth for you.

Tooth Extractions and Immediate Tooth Replacement

If you have recently had teeth extracted, are scheduled to have oral surgery to have teeth removed, or you think you need dental extractions due to broken down teeth, now is the time to call our office. Our renown dentists perform the oral surgery and perform an immediate tooth replacement right after we extract the damaged tooth/ teeth in most situations. Tooth replacement can be done in one office visit so there is no need to suffer the embarrassment of missing teeth.

Immediate Tooth Replacement Options

Herald Square Dental is dedicated to offering a range of affordable, attractive tooth replacement options to fit every lifestyle and budget. We know your smile is a part of your identity, and any tooth loss can feel traumatic. Not every tooth replacement option is suitable for every person. We offer free initial consultations to anyone looking for an immediate tooth replacement to outline your options and discuss which is best for you. You may even opt to have an extraction and an immediate tooth replacement that same day as your free consultation. Please advise us of that possibility when scheduling your first appointment.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most popular solution for missing teeth. If you have a missing tooth and want a permanent replacement virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth, a dental implant may be the answer. We place the implant in your jawbone where the missing tooth root used to be. A temporary crown is then attached to the implant using a device called an abutment. The temporary crown acts as your replacement tooth until we have your permanent crown ready. Or, in some cases, an immediate Flipper or a Nesbit is placed until the implant is fully integrated. A Nesbit partial replaces a tooth in the back of the mouth whereas flippers are primarily for front teeth. The key advantages to a dental implant is that it is considered permanent, it is the most comfortable, natural looking option and that it feels like your natural tooth. Additionally, the opportunity to walk out of our office with a new replacement tooth the same day even while the implant is integrating makes this a realistic option for almost everyone at any age.


We offer immediate tooth replacement with same-day dentures, which is an excellent choice if you have missing teeth or you need us to perform oral surgery to extract teeth that are broken down or loose and do not wish to have dental implants. If you have multiple teeth or root tips that are broken down, Drs Pasch and Yam perform alveoloplasty at the time of the extractions to facilitate healing. An alveoloplasty is a surgical procedure that reshapes and smooths out the jaw where a tooth or teeth have been extracted or lost; It also serves to optimize the alveolar ridge’s shape. This helps to reduce rubbing and soreness by providing a better fit for denture wearers as well as improving denture stability, denture retention and overall patient comfort.

Permanent Dentures and Implant Supported Dentures

A permanent denture is similar to a traditional denture in appearance but does not have to be removed at night or for cleaning. Instead, it is fixed permanently to four or more titanium posts, much like individual dental implants. Using just a few posts minimizes trauma to the jawbone while providing a full set of teeth that can be treated just like your natural teeth. They are easy to maintain and do not have to be removed at night or for cleaning. The difference between the two options is that removable implant-supported dentures can be snapped on and off of the abutments whenever you need to remove them, while fixed dentures are permanent and can only be removed by a dentist.

Dental Bridges

Patients with a few missing teeth whose other teeth are healthy may opt for a dental bridge. The bridge fastens to healthy teeth on either side of the missing teeth, supporting replacement teeth (crowns) over the empty tooth sockets.

Benefits of Immediate Tooth Replacement

It is never good to wait too long after losing or having a tooth extracted. Immediately after tooth removal, your jawbone and gums will start to deteriorate and the opposing teeth and adjacent teeth will start to move. Quick tooth replacement helps heal the area and improve your overall oral health. Patients with immediate tooth replacement are grateful to be able to walk out of our office with an intact, functional smile. No one will know you lost a tooth, and you will be comfortable smiling from day one.

While any form of tooth replacement is good, the benefits of dental implants outweigh all others. Dental implants are a permanent solution if you need a single tooth replacement or just a few teeth replaced. They give you more freedom and a better aesthetic than any other form of immediate tooth replacement. Yes, you still walk out our door with your implants and crowns in place, but you also benefit from:

  • Easy cleaning – just brush and floss like regular teeth
  • Natural-looking results – each crown is individually created to precisely match your other teeth
  • No damage to surrounding teeth
  • Encourages the jawbone to fuse to the implant for a strong bond
  • Immediate dental implants are cost-effective. It is less expensive to do the procedure in one day, and you do not have to get new dentures every five or six years.
  • Dental implants prevent deterioration of the jawbone, making them ideal for immediate tooth replacement.

Negatives of Waiting Too Long to Replace a Missing Tooth/Teeth

  • Your other teeth will start to shift. This leads to problems with your bite alignment, uneven wear from chewing, and TMJ (Temporal Mandibular Joint) problems. Your remaining teeth also become more susceptible to gum problems and cavities.
  • After a tooth is extracted, your body begins to “reabsorb” the jawbone that once surrounded the root. As your jawbone deteriorates, you’ll start seeing changes in your facial structure and appearance.
  • The changes and gaps in your smile can lead to less self-confidence and a lower self-image.
  • Depending on the location of your missing tooth, you may find it harder to chew correctly, eat comfortably or to speak clearly.

Herald Square Dental

If you need oral surgery to perform extractions and immediate tooth replacement, the renown premier dentists at Herald Square Dental have the training, expertise, experience, and state-of-the-art equipment to do the entire procedure in our office, making it more time effective and cost effective. You will have treatment options to meet your individual needs. Your experience is more personalized because you work with our dental care team from start to finish. We put you at ease at every step of your tooth replacement and take the time to answer all your questions. When you leave our office, you will be smiling and ready to face the world with a complete set of teeth.

We Are Here for You

Our goal is always your comfort and satisfaction. Our dental care team will give you the answers and reassurance you need to enjoy your replacement teeth.

As a full-service dental office, we will continue to provide oral health care long after you have had a tooth replacement. Your routine checkups and dental cleanings so that we can help keep gum disease and other issues at bay is extremely important. Herald Square Dental is a leader in immediate tooth replacement, but we are far more than that. We are your source for all your dental information, care, and prevention needs. We look forward to meeting you!

Please contact our office at Herald Square Dental Phone Number (212) 689-0024 if you need oral surgery for extractions and immediate tooth replacement or if you are already missing teeth that need immediate replacement. We will schedule a free consultation as quickly as possible so we may restore your smile and get you back to your regular routine. You may walk in with loose teeth or missing teeth, but you will walk out with a beautiful, confident smile!