What Happens if You Wait to Replace a Missing Tooth

Did you know that most everyone (in NYC and beyond) loses at least one tooth during their lifetime? And as we age, the chances of tooth loss skyrocket. Whether your tooth loss is due to injury, disease, or decay, the questions are: what’s the best course of action when this happens? What are your New York City options? And most importantly, how long do you have to replace that missing tooth? The short answer—not much time at all. The sooner you replace it, the better. And here’s why:

Adequate Bone Mass for Dental Implant Support

Teeth keep our jawbones in good shape by providing them with regular stimulation. We all have an alveolar bone in our jaw that anchors our teeth, and it’s the stimulation of this bone through chewing that wards off deterioration. Furthermore, stimulation leads to an absorption of minerals, but when stimulation isn’t present, minerals are sent elsewhere in your body. The result? An overall decline in the health of your jawbone.

An important factor to keep in mind when it comes to replacing teeth in NYC is that the process of this inevitable break down of your jawbone begins the moment you lose a permanent tooth. And without adequate bone mass, dental implant placement can become an impossibility.

The Effects of Untreated Missing Teeth on Your Health

Jawbone health ranks at the top of the list for reasons to replace a missing tooth with an implant right away, but there are other important reasons to take action. Failure to replace your missing tooth can lead to:

  • TMJ pain and headaches
  • Skin wrinkling due to collapsed facial structure
  • Complications with the remaining face
  • Nutrition and speech issues

Replacing Missing Teeth with Dental Implants in New York City

Dental implant success depends heavily on sufficient bone mass and structure. Without enough jawbone, you risk implant failure and the chance that the implant does not fully fuse with the bone.

Treatment for Compromised Jawbones

The good news is that if you’ve waited and left your missing tooth without immediate treatment, we can still help! Building your jawbone back up to create a foundation suitable for implant placement is done through a procedure called bone grafting. And our expert implantologists perform this treatment every day.

Reasons You May Need Bone Grafting

Drs. Shirzadnia and Yam, our implant dentists at Herald Square Dental, NY, thoroughly examine your jawbone structure when you come in for a dental implant consultation. First steps include determining whether or not you will need a bone graft.

The most common reasons you may need bone grafting before implant placement include:

  1. You’ve been missing a tooth for several months which means your jawbone has begun to deteriorate.
  2. You’ve experienced trauma or infection which can cause a defect in your jawbone.
  3. You’re missing front teeth. The walls of the front teeth sockets are thin so often have a difficult time regenerating on their own.
  4. You have large or low sinus cavities, and bone grafting with a sinus lift may help restore the bone height required for implant placement.

The Bone Grafting Process for Dental Implant Placement

To bulk up your jawbone, we are in the practice of grafting donated bone into the area that has shrunken due to lack of stimulation. Once the graft is placed, your body will grow new bone over the next several months that will fuse with the donated bone.

Recovery from Bone Grafting

Bone grafting can cause minimal post-operative swelling, bruising, and soreness. We prescribe pain medications to aid in any post-op discomfort you may experience, and we’ll provide you with after-care instructions before you leave our office.

APRF—A Grafting Alternative

Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin (APRF) is the process of using your blood, drawn during outpatient surgery, to create a new framework for tissue to grow in your wound site. Using a by-product of blood that is rich in platelets allows the body to take advantage of its normal healing pathways at a significantly accelerated rate. Simply put, APRF is an advanced grafting technique in which we use your blood to create personalized grafting material which adds healing elements for bone regeneration.

Herald Square Dental, NYC is proud to offer the highest level of bone grafting and dental implant care. We provide only the best experiences and results every day, using advanced treatments and technologies and a genuine passion for what we do. We are the experts. We’ve been replacing missing teeth since 1977. So, if you come to us for aesthetic or health reasons, you are in good hands. Give us a call at our Midtown Manhattan, NY office today! Herald Square Dental Phone Number (212) 689-0024