Lower Implant Dentures Can Solve Your Denture Problems

Losing your teeth, particularly in your lower jaw, forces you to evaluate your options. How are you going to replace your teeth? Will the solution be comfortable? The two most popular options are either a traditional denture that fits over the gums or lower implant dentures, which are permanently attached by fastening onto titanium implants surgically placed in the jawbone. Let’s take a look at some of the things you consider.

Optimal Fit

A traditional denture for the lower jaw is custom-designed to fit on top of the gums of the small bony lower ridge (mandibular ridge). If fitted correctly, it should be comfortable. However, lower dentures are known to slip, shift, and pinch because they don’t fit snugly on the top of the jawbone ridge, there is no palate for suction. When talking or eating, the denture can slip, get food caught under it, and cause sore spots on the gums that may lead to ulcerations unless adjusted by your dentist. Most people require a soft lining in their lower denture to buffer against gums as well as adhesive to help them use their musculature to hold the denture in place.

Lower implant dentures are affixed to titanium implants fused into the jawbone, providing stable, fixed support for the denture. With implant dentures, there is no slippage or pinching. Because the denture is held in place by the implants, the design of the denture is lighter, with a slimmer profile so that the tongue doesn’t feel as cramped.

Preventing Bone Deterioration

Individuals who have lost their lower teeth often have a sunken, prematurely aged appearance. This is because the lower jawbone begins to deteriorate when the roots of the teeth are no longer there to stimulate bone growth. This “resorption” causes the bone to weaken and shrink becoming thinner and smaller in general. However, dental implants placed in the jawbone fuse with the jaw over time, stimulating new bone growth for a strong jaw.


Traditional lower dentures are notorious for being hard to adjust to wearing. They have no palate to provide natural suction to keep them in place, and the movement of the tongue often moves them. Many people have to spend months overcoming musculature issues, learning to wear traditional lower dentures, and keeping them in place. Add the pain of sore spots, and you have the perfect recipe for throwing in the towel. It’s just easier to stop trying. Unfortunately, that leads to bone loss, an aged appearance, and difficulty eating the foods you enjoy. Securing an overdenture to implants in the mandibular or lower jaw helps to greatly improve the quality of life by ending the frustration involved with loose dentures and sore spots and provides confidence in your more youthful, natural appearance as well.

Implant Dentures Can Fix Lower Denture Issues

Lower implant dentures are the ideal solution for anyone who has struggled with them and found them uncomfortable or painful. The implants that are placed in the lower jaw become permanent, stable supports for a fixed denture that never slips or pinches. You can eat all the foods you love, and your gums won’t develop sore spots. Removable implant dentures that clip in or snap onto balls attached to the implants are also available, giving you the best features of both implants and dentures.

If you are frustrated by your lower dentures or have given up on finding a comfortable, natural-feeling solution for missing lower teeth, it’s time to talk to us about lower implant dentures. Contact Herald Square Dental today to schedule your consultation.

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