For years, health professionals just like your New York City dentists at Herald Square Dental have been warning patients of the harm that smoking can do to their body. Often times our position is unique too because in the event the patient goes through with smoking- we must be there to help them heal and recuperate as well. We do this by providing patients who have lost their teeth with New York City dental implants…patients who have stains with teeth whitening, and so much more. 

It is quite a surprise to us when patients start smoking…or at least, don’t stop smoking sooner. One of the hunches we have about this is the lack of immediate “proof” that is shown. Sure, we all see the images of long-term usage, from cancer to other issues, but not too often are the immediate results mentioned- which are often more cosmetic oriented. For that very reason, below we have reviewed a few of the ways that your oral health can improve, rather immediately, if you quit smoking today. For a more comprehensive, detailed list- you can click here.

Fresher Breath- ever wonder why a smoker uses mints or gum so quickly after finishing a cigarette? It’s because even they realize how unpleasant it can be to others. Quit smoking and you will see a vast improvement in the scent of your breath right away.

Whiter Smiles- tar, nicotine and other chemicals can start to yellow your smile as soon as your first start your habit. Quit before stains set in deeper than just on the surface, and hopefully your NYC cosmetic dentists at Herald Square can help reverse the damage.

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