Dentist in NYC on Stopping Sores

While our bodies are quite amazing in their abilities to fight off diseases, germs and injury daily- there is no denying that we are always quite open for damage to come and impact us, from either internal or external stimuli. One of the places your dentists in NYC at Herald Square Dental sees this impact often is with oral sores. These pesky lesions to the soft tissue can be a pain to get over, but can arrive in the mouth from a wide range of circumstances, including:

Irritating dental devices, such as dentures or braces.

A broken tooth or filling.

Fungal, viral and bacterial infections.

Other diseases and disorders.

With this wide range of causes lies the problem of diagnosis. To the untrained eye, an oral sore caused by a bite on the cheek or the beginning stages of oral cancer can both look the same. Enter your dentist in NYC- the trained eye with the right tools to identify and treat any and all cases of oral sores. As a general rule of thumb, we ask that if you have an oral sore that lasts longer than a week, you give us a call right away. To review a bit more comprehensive information on oral sores online, you can look for the following resource: MedicineNet.

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