Caring for your teeth goes beyond brushing. Unfortunately, many patients don’t always make sure that they’re following a steady brushing routine, sometimes skipping one or several days! If your dental health isn’t doing well, it can start to affect your overall health, which is something that many patients don’t know or think about until it’s too late. That’s why your emergency dentist in NYC is here to explain what can happen without proper care, as well as discuss the different parts of your teeth.

When you ignore your dental health, there are immediate and long-term consequences that patients don’t think are as important as other health factors that can affect their body. Your smile is put to work every single day, so it’s important to know about these teeth conditions that can cause serious damage:

• Cavities: A large majority of patients who don’t keep up with their oral health care (both at home and dental visits) are highly likely to have one or more cavities. Cavities are bacteria that destroys the structure of your teeth, working its way into the center in order to cause further harm. If these aren’t treated, it can result in decay.

• Tooth Decay: If a tooth is decayed, it means that it’s usually “diseased.” It has gone further than a simple cavity and can be harder to remove. Some extreme causes of tooth decay result in tooth loss, either on its own or performed by a dentist.

• Sensitivity: If a patient isn’t brushing and flossing every day, the surface of your teeth becomes weaker and doesn’t do the best job it can, so your teeth can become sensitive to foods and drinks that weren’t hurting you before.

The surface of your tooth called the enamel, is one of the most important parts of a smile. This mineral-made wall is protecting the dentin, pulp, nerves, roots and more! Without this, our teeth would be nothing. With the help of saliva and water, these minerals can be recreated in order to further strengthen the enamel. But if you’re not staying properly hydrated, or not eating safe foods, or ignoring your daily dental routine, your enamel could be in danger. 

Protect your smile and stay educated on what your teeth are doing. Make sure you’re furthering your dental health by scheduling an appointment with your emergency dentist in NYC by calling our office today at New York Office Phone Number212-689-0024.