As one of the most progressive and advanced procedures around, NYC dental implants have completely changed the game in dentistry. With their extremely high success rate and reliable solutions for supportive and strong teeth, dental implants have the ability to give patients a second chance at the smile that they’ve been dreaming of. Let’s delve into the history of dental implants and how we’ve gotten to where we are now, success and all!

Some of the first instances of the idea of dental implants were recorded around 4,000 years ago, when in ancient China, people would use carved bamboo pegs to replace their missing teeth. 3,000 years ago, an Egyptian king had a copper peg hammered into his upper jaw bone to replace the missing tooth that he had. This very well many have been placed after he died, but it was also the first recorded case of using a metal replacement tooth being “fixed” into the jawbone.

There are two main reasons that people receive dental implants and this goes for the people hundreds of thousands of years ago: to improve the way your smile looks and to have the ability to eat. When it came to kings and the rich, they believed that having a full set of teeth improved how wealthy you looked, since it’s common to believe that someone who is missing teeth has less money than someone else who doesn’t.

2,000 years ago, people began to use animal teeth as a replacement for their own teeth, which was classified as a heteroplastic implant. When they would use another human’s tooth to replace their own, it was called a homoplastic implant. Unfortunately, people would usually suffer from an infection and the implant would be rejected by the host, putting them back at square one.

These are just some of the examples of what the idea of dental implants used to be. Look at us now! Our sturdy and reliable procedure can give you exactly what you need, which is what our ancestors were looking for, too—a healthy, strong, and beautiful smile. Contact Herald Square Dental to schedule an appointment or consultation to learn more about dental implants by calling New York Office Phone Number212-689-0024.