Reveal the Smile of Your Dreams When You Take Off That Mask!

Interest in NYC Makeovers Booming During COVID-19 Pandemic

We may be wearing masks when we go out, but we are spending more time than ever at home on Zoom calls where we feel like our smiles are upfront and personal.

How many times a day do you see yourself on a screen?

We’ve joked in Manhattan that a silver lining of the pandemic is that we can go to work in our pajama pants. But when it comes to NYC video conferencing, we can’t hide our pearly whites. We may not be wearing shoes, but our smiles are on candid camera.

How do you feel about yours?

What about it makes you self-conscious?

With so many of our social activities limited, we have more time to devote to self-care and improvement. And those cosmetic procedures that you’ve been thinking about for a while are seeming more attractive with each passing day. What better time to work on your smile than now?

5 Smile Makeover Options

NYC smile makeovers are on the rise due to the constant presence of Zoom calls and video presentations that put our smiles under constant scrutiny. We are all experiencing a heightened awareness of our smiles.

What do we like?

What do we want to change?

Whether it’s teeth whitening or Invisalign, lip enhancement or fillers, when it comes to improving our smiles with minimally invasive solutions in Manhattan, the sky’s the limit.

Teeth Whitening

What do you see when your face pops up on Zoom?

Have your teeth lost their sparkle?

Why not brighten your smile in the comfort of your home with our customized trays that are both affordable and easy? Watch your smile grow lighter and brighter with each video call, and as we move past the pandemic and come out from behind our masks, surprise your people with a smile that glows.

Learn more about teeth whitening.


If you have been considering straightening your teeth for a long time, there’s never been a better time than the present, especially if Invisalign—a series of clear, removable aligners—is the path you want to take.

Comfortable, convenient, and almost invisible, the people on your screen won’t even know you’re in the middle of orthodontic treatment.

Learn more about Invisalign.


As you spend so much time face-to-face with your smile on a screen, are you noticing small chips, cracks, discoloration, or worn down or uneven teeth?

We’ve got a simple solution for that little part of your smile that makes you uncomfortable.

Veneers are tooth-colored ceramic shells that we bond to your teeth to transform their color, shape, size, or length and accentuate all the best aspects of your smile.

Learn more about veneers.

Dental Crowns & Bridges


It’s time to stop hiding that smile.

Our carefully crafted crowns are designed to protect and strengthen broken teeth. Now that you have a more flexible work-from-home schedule come into our office where we use our unsurpassed level of expertise and latest technology to design and place each bridge and crown.

We’ve gone the extra mile to enhance our safety protocols and go beyond CDC requirements on all equipment and instrumentation, including specialized air filtration, UVC lights, aerosol annihilators, and all recommended PPE as well as extended hours.

Learn more about dental crowns and dental bridges.

Dental Implants

Getting dental implants can take time that we don’t always have, but right now during the pandemic, take advantage of your more flexible schedule and budget. And when we’re back to more in-person, mask-free interaction, you’re smile will be on point and your quality of life much improved, thanks to the permanence and superior benefits of dental implants.

Learn more about dental implants.

Your Best Smile

Why the current clamor for beautiful smiles?

Our Zoom calls require us to be up in each other’s faces more than we ever thought possible, and the signs of our aging have never been so visible. Working online has made us less-confined, timewise, so our open schedules allow us to make appointments more easily. Thank goodness, the pandemic will not last forever.

So carpe diem!

Make the most of the time and the opportunity you have to take care of yourself now. And when the times comes: remove that mask with pride as you reveal a brand-new smile.

Don’t forget to keep up on the simple things, like attending your routine dental cleanings and checkups. No matter the state of your smile, regular preventative care is a must if you hope to keep it beautiful.

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