Why Dental Implants are the Superior Option

Let’s get right down to it: You’re missing teeth and you need a replacement.

What is your very best New York option and why?

Without a doubt, NYC dental implants surpass all other teeth replacement methods in diverse and incalculable ways.

Here are the top reasons why our Manhattan dental implants are the superior option.


Dental implants function more like real teeth than any other replacement option.

The components that make up an implant work together to emulate the structure of a natural tooth.

At our New York City location, we insert a titanium post in your jawbone, creating an artificial tooth root that provides the stability of a natural tooth. The post has a connector onto which we place a porcelain crown which blends with the rest of your smile and fits well with your natural bite.

Quality of Life

Dental implants stay put.

So, while other teeth replacement options, such as bridges and dentures, tend to shift and move around, dental implants are as stable as your natural teeth.

Their unique ability to integrate with bone makes them solid and secure. The biocompatibility creates a permanent quality that ensures they are locked in place for life, providing peace of mind and one less thing to worry about.


Sores and rawness are common side effects of teeth replacements that rest on top of the gums and can move around. But anchored to the jaw like natural teeth, dental implants distribute force evenly and do not slip, rub, or cause soreness.

Slippage is the most common reason for denture discomfort, but since implant teeth fuse fully with bone, they do not shift but feel like your natural teeth.


While dentures need to be replaced every 4-6 years due to grinding and wear, dental implants can last upwards of 25 years.

The more you care for them like you do for your natural teeth, the longer they will last. And secured to your jaw, implant teeth are stronger than dentures so are less likely to break during use.

Jaw Health

Implants provide health benefits for your jaw that other teeth replacements can’t. They have a titanium post that serves as an anchor and allows the necessary stimulation to bulk up the jawbone, prevent atrophy, and keep it healthy.

Your jawbone loses mass when it doesn’t have teeth to support your dental arches and provide stimulation. And as that happens, implant alternatives, such as dentures, stop fitting as well because the jaw begins to shrink.

Dental implants are the best choice when it comes to restoring your smile and your quality of life. Save your smile, enjoy eating, speak clearly, and easily care for your teeth with implants, a teeth replacement method that is unmatched in durability and stability.

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